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Tips to Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene

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Who doesn’t like a great smile! Regular check-ups and maintaining your oral hygiene can give you those pearly white teeth to smile for life long.

Here are some of the ways to prevent dental problems in the future:

  •        Brushing

Proper brushing is mandatory to keep oral hygiene. While brushing, the brush must be kept at an angle of 45 degree near the gums giving gentle back and forth strokes. Tongue must not be ignored while brushing as dirty tongue might lead to bad breath.  Try to brush atleast twice a day

  •        Flossing

It helps in removing food particles that cannot be removed by brushing. Flossing must be done at least once a day.

  •        Avoid tobacco

If you want a healthy oral cavity, tobacco is a strict no. Consumption of tobacco also leads to periodontal complications and oral cancer.

  •        Limit soda, coffee and alcohol

These contain high level of phosphorous which can deplete the body’s level of calcium. Tooth decay and gum disease might occur due to this.

  •        Consumption of Calcium and other vitamins

Who doesn’t know the role of calcium in maintaining healthy bones and teeth? Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B help in preventing various dental problems and hence maintain the oral hygiene.

  •        Visit your dentist

You should pay your dentist a visit at least twice a year and not just at the time of dire need due to pain.

  •        Usage of mouthwash

Mouthwashes containing Listerine and chlorhexidine are useful because they kill the bacteria which are harmful in oral cavity. Mouthwashes help in maintain good breath and oral hygiene.

  •        Don’t ignore the tongue

Your tongue must be cleaned using a tongue cleaner because tongue harbors various bacteria which are harmful to the oral cavity.

So, next time you get a toothache don’t just get treated with that particular problem. It’s high time we wake up and pay attention to our oral cavity which does so much work for us! Keep that beautiful smile on!

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